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The Harem

The Harem - Thomas Sweeney WOW! This is a very powerful story. Some may believe I have a bias opinion because of my role assisting, but this is a story I have never seen before. I've been assisting with the editing for The Harem for the last few months. The novel is almost complete and looks like it will be out as scheduled for early December 2014.

The journey the main character, Susan Winthrop aka Wednesday, embarks on is like none I've ever heard, read or seen in a movie, television or theater. The story gives the impression of a harem, but there are a variety of deep and subtle messages the author has entwined into the characters that goes far beyond the commonly expected concepts, knowledge and beliefs.

I have been sucked into Wednesday's life. She starts off as a naive college student who blossoms into a strong, confident, successful and powerful woman who has the ability to influence those around her and the world, even when the Program is called into question by people who fear or do not understand it.

This is a must read for all women. However, I do caution parents of teens because of some of the sexual descriptions and content. This is a book that every woman from college through adulthood MUST READ.

The Harem will make you look at life differently. The Harem will make you look at the world differently. Every woman in the world has the ability to experience and create a life that Wednesday crafts for herself in the novel. The only question is, are you ready to take your own journey?

To the author for the amazing, one-of-a-kind story....